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Why Choose Us?

  • Experience and Pragmatism

    Having more than 30 years’ experience in providing legal services to business, we understand the legal needs of business very well – from multi-million dollar businesses down to small enterprise.

    We keep our feet on the ground when weighing up the need for legal protection against the commercial imperatives of your business. Having worked several years in-house for large IT businesses, we were continually reminded that there are times when a commercial imperative must over-ride the desire for legal protection. It is a balancing act and our job is to inform you, the client, thus enabling you to make the right decision where commercial and legal imperatives conflict as they sometimes do.

  • Understand Numerous Industries

    Just as each industry is different, one from another, so is each business, even those within the same industry. We draw on the breadth of our experience across many industries and businesses to enhance the services we provide. An example of some industries we have worked for include – IT (hardware and software), commercial and retail leasing, manufacturing, landscaping, rubbish disposal and recycling, events management, wine making, electricians, builders, plumbers – to name a few.

    Having this broad experience of numerous industries also means that we can be practical and create terms and conditions that meet the particular needs of your business.

  • Negotiate, Mediate and try not to Litigate

    We work hard to resolve our clients’ disputes by negotiation or mediation. And we are good at it and proud of our track record. Negotiation and mediation are more efficient and cost effective and we draw on our considerable experience to give you a favourable outcome. Court proceedings, in our view, only increase the stress levels you already experience when faced with a dispute and over time this can have a negative impact on your health and your business. It usually also sounds the death knell on any relationship. So our preferred method of resolution is one that will be quick, cost effective and generate the least stress.


Youtube videos explaining various aspects of the law.


Youtube videos explaining various aspects of the law.


I have had the pleasure of working with Glenda on several occasions. She has helped me navigate the various legal needs I had as a small business owner ranging from client contracts to employment contracts. She has been a wealth of information and was able to anticipate my needs now and in the future to ensure that I have the right tools moving forward. I would highly recommend Glenda and the team at TopNotch Legal for other small business owners.
Jessie | Jork Consulting
Energy-On, and our new sister business Internet On, has used the services of TopNotch Legal extensively over the last 18 months. Glenda's advice has been worth every penny and she has guided us through the restructure of all of our contractual documentation and assisted enormously in ensuring that our regulatory compliance materials are "Top Notch"! We wholeheartedly recommend Glenda and the team at TopNotch Legal.
Clive Pearce | Energy-On | Internet On
TopNotch Legal has worked extensively with Simple Biz in providing advice and developing our documentation. They listen for what we actually want and deliver to that requirement. We found that their turnaround time in delivering advice or documentation is excellent. The values of TopNotch Legal, being value for service and integrity, align extremely well with ours at Simple Biz. They emphasised the importance of protecting our rights but at the same time being fair to our customers. We value them as a partner to our business and have no hesitation in highly recommending their services.
Susan Pierotti | Creative Text Solutions
Glenda and I have worked mutually on different projects over the course of two years. I have compiled her newsletter; the information she sends me for this demonstrates her comprehensive knowledge of all legal facets that a business would need. She has also recently drawn up new Terms & Conditions for my business which she was able to do in everyday language for my clients. I would highly recommend her services to any business owner.
Simple Biz
I engaged Top Notch Legal to review an agreement provided to me by another party. Though I was initially uncertain about the need to seek legal advise, I’m really glad I did! Shortly after a few phone conversations and emails, Glenda from Top Notch Legal gave me the assurance and confidence to deal with her. Glenda identified important details that were amended which improved and secured the agreement to work in my favour, whilst maintaining the integrity of the original document. She continuously reviewed all possibilities to ensure the agreement terms were fair. It was a good result and almost all major and important changes suggested were accepted by the other party without any further discussion.
Alfred Ablaza | Gagement
We initially engaged Top Notch Legal to brush up our service agreements. After speaking with Glenda, it was quite obvious that she had had a lot of experience with my industry and was even able to point out terms that we had neglected in our current agreements. This quickly turned into a request for new agreements to be drawn up that protected our business and made things fair for our clients and business partners. Glenda prepared these, prompted us where necessary for responses and additional information about how we would like to run things & really listened and took on board what we wanted. The end result was a set of client engagement contracts that mean that I can sleep at night knowing that we are protected and that our clients are looked after.
Although we are only a very small business, we recently had the need for some solid legal advice on several commercial matters. Glenda was recommended to us and we are so appreciative of her prompt responses and meeting at short notice. Her advice was very sound, and should we need further legal assistance she will be the first person we call. Thanks to Glenda and the TopNotchLegal team for your great work.
Miss moose
I engaged Glenda's services after we entered in a partnership with a lighting company to install their product for some large lighting upgrade projects. Glenda was concise in reviewing the contract to ensure that any ambiguous wording was removed and all parties were happy to sign off on it. I would highly recommend her services to review any commercial contact before signing it.
Glenda has been a tremendous support who always took the time to listen with compassion during a difficult time. She was able to achieve an excellent outcome ensuring my best interests we served. It was so reassuring to have someone like Glenda with extensive experience and breadth of knowledge in my corner.
Over the past 10 years, I have operated and grown small design business. It wasn't until recently that I was faced with my first legal dispute and realised that I needed help from someone I could trust. Top Notch were instrumental in resolving a dispute that could well have seen me at a significant financial and professional disadvantage had I not sought the right advice and experience. Glenda took the time to really understand my unique challenge. She then helped me understand my legal position, provided me with expert guidance for my negotiations and represented my interests in a measured and respectful way. Her clear and thorough approach was not only clever, effective and efficient; it was considerate of the considerable strain the dispute placed on me. TopNotch continue to provide me advice for estate planning, as well as client and employer contracts. I'm very fortunate to have Glenda's help, I'd happily recommend her skills and service.
Helium Design
I want to extend my absolute gratitude to Glenda at Top Notch Legal. Glenda is extremely personable, client-focused and an all-round joy to work with. Her advice is incredibly “user friendly” and she sees commercial matters through a pragmatic and practical “lense” leading to sound commercial outcomes for her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Glenda to anyone requiring commercial legal advice moving forward. Many thanks, Kirsty

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