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Your Protection

Our motto is WISDOM is the principal thing

You can’t afford to be naive in business.

Most business owners understand there is a cost to purchasing protection for their businesses and don’t hesitate to take out professional indemnity or errors and omissions insurance cover. But this is only part of the picture.

If your contracts haven’t been legally reviewed with your particular business operations in mind then there is every possibility that if something goes wrong you will be exposed to extensive liability and costs. Whilst you may be able to claim under your insurance cover the consequence will be that your premiums will be considerably more the following year.  

The other concern with not having good contracts in place is exposure to being sued. Litigation is expensive both in time and money and in many cases can be avoided with well-drawn contracts.

Why choose TopNotch Legal?

Why not buy an inexpensive template on-line? Do you know the difference between a contractor and an employee? Do you know the difference between a lease and a licence? If you’ve answered “no” then you have two examples where you could buy the wrong online template. Did you know that there have been major changes in the law regarding exposure to liability in the past few years? If your terms and conditions were drawn up several years ago or have been copied from a source that’s not recent then your business and personal assets may be exposed.

Engaging a commercial lawyer to review or write up contracts for your business is a wise investment and in most cases is a on-off expense. We suggest the benefits far outweigh the expense.  

Some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Can your partners or colleagues bind you to agreements without your consent? What happens to your business if you or another partner is unable to perform? It’s one thing to have insurance but quite another to make provision as to how your business will be conducted in the case of your disability or death. Will your business be conducted by your children or by surviving partners? Would there be a conflict between your children and your surviving partner?
  • If you run your business from tenanted premises, what are the landlord’s obligations if there is a fire or the premises become flooded? Is there any obligation on the landlord to repair and maintain the structure? Does the landlord have to repair the roof if it leaks? Does the landlord have to repair faulty toilets? Do you have the right to withhold payment if the landlord fails in its duty? Who is responsible to ensure the air conditioning or lifts operate properly?  

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