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Business and Online Terms and Conditions

Your business is unique just as you are unique. Therefore, it is important to have terms and conditions that are tailor-made to give your business the best protection. Copying terms and conditions of another business that is similar to yours can be very dangerous. What if they had copies them from another business? Sometimes, we see terms and conditions that have been copied from a business in another jurisdiction so they are quite unsuitable for your needs. You put your business at risk by failing to invest in good terms and conditions. Preparing appropriate and strong terms and conditions for your business is one of our specialities. We take time to understand your industry and the unique way you operate within that industry. One of our focuses is ensuring you have the best payment provisions and that there are strict limitations on how much you can be sued for. At the same time, it is important that your terms and conditions are fair to both parties. After-all we don’t want to destroy a new business relationship by presenting unnecessarily harsh terms and conditions. If your customers look upon your terms and conditions favourably they are more likely to sign quickly and with minimal negotiation. You don’t have to be mean to your customers in order to protect your interests. If you want to publish your terms and conditions online or you want to load them onto a mobile device, we will design them appropriately for that purpose.

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