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Owners Corporations

We can help you with the ongoing requirements for running an Owners Corporation.

For example, Important resolutions, especially Special Resolutions such as amending the Rules, must be drawn carefully and should be checked or drawn up by a solicitor. You want to avoid any chance of litigation over the Rules so this is a wise investment.

If you have common property that the owners corporation wants to lease to a resident or outsider, we can assist with the approval process and preparation of the lease. We can also provide you with car park licences.

Agreements with your suppliers should also have legal review in order to ensure your suppliers must deliver what has been promised. For example, contracts with lift maintenance providers, windows cleaners, common area cleaners and gardeners/landscapers. Does your lift maintenance provider have a time limit within which they must attend the site after a call-out? Do you have rights or can you terminate if the service is continually substandard?

Do you know about Embedded Networks?

Embedded networks involve the on-selling of power, gas or water and provides a wonderful vehicle for Owners Corporations to provide utilities at below market rates while building up the balance in the maintenance fund. We have a wealth of experience in drawing  up contracts for embedded Networks. If you want to know more about how you can benefit from embedded Networks or would like us to help with your contract then give us a call.

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